Going it alone is never going to serve you

Day 5 of the Health Revolution Challenge

Here we are on our last video and this topic is a big one for me. Never have I been more aware of the importance of today’s topic than right now in my life.

You see, life can be tougher than we ever imagined. When we encounter setbacks that make us feel like we don’t even recognize ourselves anymore, it can be really easy to sit back in hiding and disengage from others.

In our last video today I’ll be sharing why Going it Alone is Never Going to Serve You.

This might seem like an obvious thing to say, but how many times have you shied away from asking for help or talking to other people about what you are suffering out of shame?

It’s natural to and perhaps even a tad responsible to do what you can on your own, but in this video you will learn the dangers of being on an island for how it robs you of the 2 most important ingredients for success with your health and well-being.

I know you’re super busy, but do not miss out on the opportunity to watch the entire 5 free Health Revolution videos you signed up for. I created it with your health and happiness in mind and they won’t be around for long.

Be sure to add your comments after the video again today, and if you haven’t already taken me up on a Health Revolution call with me yet, then I highly recommend you schedule now.

I believe in you and I know you’ve likely struggled for a long time with a core issue that’s draining your energy and joy.  No more.  Grab on to get the support with your movement, nourishment and self-love to consistently stay focused on embodying your fierce dream. 



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The lies that are keeping you stuck

Day 4 of the Health Revolution

I can't tell you how much I am moved by all of you who have reached out so far about this series. Like many of you, I have struggled my whole life with a big “You are not enough” whisper (or shout) in my head about what I do and who I am.

Often when we raise our hands to say, “Yes, me too” or perhaps “NO” for the first time, it can be so scary to be exposed.  When writing this video series, it took so much courage for me to keep facing my fears of judgement and self-doubt.  However, I have made a conscious choice to see the truth beyond my limiting beliefs.  And you can too.

Today’s video is about The Lies That Are Keeping You Stuck

There are likely plenty of those big ol’ lies you’ve allowed to dictate your life, but I’ll be addressing the top 3 in this video that I have come across time and time again in my practice.  

What I’ve noticed over the years is that you cannot achieve the lasting change you long for until you shift your thoughts and beliefs about yourself.  And while increasing your movement, eating better and getting your rest will certainly improve your health, the benefits won’t last if you don’t see yourself differently.  Don’t believe me? 

I am living proof that anyone can find the courage to believe the best about themselves.  Join me in this video to open up your mind and heart to new possibilities too.

I know you are super busy, but let’s support each other as we break through our own glass ceilings and rise up to restore our soul strength. Leave a comment after the video or write me… I take every message seriously!  And seriously, schedule that homework call if you haven't already.  It's a big part of your breakthrough to take this action step.

I believe in you,


P.S. Want me to be with you every step of the way through your journey to better health? Stick around for the fifth and final video of this series--I've got something really special to share with you!

Making movement matter

Day 3 of the Health Revolution

Does it sometimes feel like from the second you wake up until the moment your head hits the pillow that either your mind or your body was running all day??

As a mother of three kids, I am sometimes shocked at how long I can go without ever sitting down if I am not intentional about it.  And for many of you, it is shocking you can go so long sitting at work without even thinking about it.

The miracle of our bodies is that they will do and adapt to what we ask them to do. But the number one thing that will make your body feel the best the most quickly, is to commit to movement.

Today’s video is about Making Movement Matter.

Sure, I might be picking up, grabbing stuff, carrying kids, etc…but when do I stop and intentionally move and notice what it feels like in my body??  Too often when we look at exercise we see it as a nice add-on or a necessary burden we have to do.

In working with women specifically in fitness for the last 20+ years, I am certain of one thing:  when you move your soul wakes up.

In this third video I’ll be teaching you about the 3 biggest mistakes women make when it comes to their movement and exercise.  And of course, be sure to watch to the end for a little motivation for your own movement too.

Then, be sure to add your Ah-Ha’s in the comment section of the video and then schedule your homework call with me.  I wrote this video series to help, so use the gift of this time wisely!

Joyfully yours,



I sincerely hope you got a chance to listen to the first video from our 5-part Health Revolution Challenge video series yesterday.  I know these videos take a little time to watch and absorb, but you are worth it!

In today’s video, we are covering the topic of FOOD

Pick up a magazine article or even a medical journal and you will find conflicting information about nutrition. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little better idea of what you can do to clear up the fog and confusion around what to eat to feel better?

So many of us have been on a never-ending roller-coaster of eating well or falling off the wagon.  It’s exhausting.

But, eating (or not eating) doesn’t have to be the hardest part of your day.

In today’s video you will discover Why Food is Not the Enemy and how the nourishment you long for doesn’t have to depend on your diet. You’ll have a new understanding of what it means to crave and what to do to fix it.

Take a listen and leave a comment or question below the video. Then be sure schedule your homework call here.  I am personally reading your messages and love to hear from you.

In love,


P.S. I created this free video series to show you exactly how to experience more energy, joy and vitality in your life. Each video builds upon the last, so you don’t want to miss any of the core components. Keep an eye out for the next video, too. In it, we’ll explore the most exhilarating part of your health...movement.


Day 1 of the Health Revolution Challenge

Welcome to the first day of your 5-Day Health Revolution challenge.  I’m thrilled you registered and I can’t wait to hear from you as you dive in to this information.  Seriously, I am giddy!

Today, we are kicking it off with an important first topic: Energy

We’d all like to have a little more boost for our body and mind. We want to engage with our kids or our work without feeling drained. We want to have the energy left over at the end of the day to do the things we always say we're going to do….to read a book without falling asleep 2 minutes in, to garden, workout, or complete our other projects.

The ability to do more of what we love without energy is nearly impossible, and when our tank is on empty, our excitement for life can become non-existent.

Well, the good news is, you don’t have to create more energy. The secret is you already have huge stores of energy inside of you. You just need to know how to uncover it.

In this first video, we’re going to explore What is Zapping the 4 Pillars of Your Energy Foundation.  Even for those of you who have decent energy, this video will shed light on how to sky-rocket your momentum so you can do more of what you love and to reclaim your excitement for your life.

So, take a look. I promise it’ll be fun and that you might even giggle a little. Hopefully, you’ll even sigh a deep breath of relief.

Check it out and leave a comment or question below the video. Then be sure to follow up on your homework here.  I’ll be reading every message and responding to as many as possible.

Excitedly yours,