Speaking & Workshops

Restoration Fitness shares their passion, experience, and skills through high-impact health and wellness inspiration and action plans via workshops and speaking engagements.

Our Founder, Nicole Irlbeck, has a passion for inspiring others and has a unique ability to translate words into action for her audience.

What participants experience:

  • Practical movement tips that increase energy, creativity and connection.  These can range from 1-2 minute Movement Motivators to 20+ minute full body movement breakouts.
  • Fun engagement that inspires action both during and after talk
  • Scientifically based information regarding mindfulness, exercise science, and lifestyle change that educates without overwhelm.
  • An awakened sense of self-confidence and hope to embolden participants to live with soulful intention.

Sample Topics

Salvaging Strength:  How to Bypass Burnout
While our culture emphasizes productivity, we suffer from the highest rates of chronic illness in history.  Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and many other ailments can all be mitigated with simple prevention strategies like eating whole foods, moving more, getting our sleep, and reducing our stress.  But who has time for “self-care”?  Anxiety and stress rob us of creativity, joy, and work consistency. 

After the birth of her third child in the midst of working three jobs, Nicole knows the value of a good nights sleep and a walk in the park.  Trying to do and be it all left her in a heap of failing hormones and burnt out to her core.  Learning how to re-establish a loving relationship with her needs for self-care restored the priorities that gave her back her mojo.  Philospher Lao Tzu said “Great acts are made up of small deeds.”  In this interactive lecture Nicole provides relatable examples and straightforward tools to restore your strength in step by step doses.

Making Movement your Medicine
While movement is praised for creating a slim and sleek profile, movement truly is medicine that can heal your emotions, increase your creativity, and elevate your energy.  

This talk is designed to be a great breakout session that will help participants open their heart and mind to the healer that lives within.  You will leave having a deeper understanding of the connection between movement, your brain, and your ability to influence your hormones to stimulate your vibrancy and creativity.  This short talk includes uplifting movement that will light up participants and boost morale.

Previous Speaking and Testimonials:

Rock Creek Church: Womens Annual Weekend Retreat, Keynote Speaker


"Nicole is passionate about her own faith journey. She clearly has a calling on her life to empower other women, both physically and spiritually.  She has a practical way of sharing her own spiritual walk to help others along their path.  She is heart-felt, genuine and full of life.  Nicole helped me to open myself up to greater faith, so that God can really work in my life."

Business Victories: Marketing Mastery Weekend, Movement Maker

016_Photography G_IMG_8895.jpeg

"I was looking for someone to motivate the women at my retreat to not only get moving but to give them a compelling reason to do it on a regular basis.  Nicole did an excellent job on both accounts including sharing some extremely effective exercises that only take minutes.

She talks from her heart using methods she has learned from all of her education and real world experiences.  I would highly recommend Nicole if you want to motivate people to get moving.”

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