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New Research for Food and Fitness Timing

My mother in law raised 8 children on little to no money and with very little support.  When we go to visit Iowa, it’s a wonderful time to unplug and relax a little as the world seems to keep spinning vehemently around us.  This last trip, she said something that will stick with me forever…“I
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Navigating Nutrition by Minding Your Mindset

With all of the rain here lately in Colorado I am wondering if any of you, like me, have a little baking bug that kicked in this week?  Mmmmm.  I love to bake.  And although I used to fill up the kitchen with cookies, breads and bars, I am now experimenting with more gluten free
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Some of our favorite Corrective Exercises!

We always start Fitness Fire group classes or a training session with some dynamic stretching and then a couple corrective exercises. This is meant to prep your body for use and warm up the areas you’re about to workout. It’s great to pin point weaker areas of your body and do specific corrective work for those issues. Here’s
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banaa bread

Sugar and Gluten-Free (but still delicious!) Banana Bread

This is a super simple and great way to use your overripe bananas! They are a great gift or make an awesome quick treat, dessert, bfast or snack! Enjoy!!! Ingredients: 4 extremely ripe bananas (very important for them to be overly ripe or the bread will not be sweet enough) 1/3 cup melted coconut oil (or
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What’s The First Thing You Do Every Morning?

Just as we’ve mentioned (lots and lots) how crucial getting enough sleep is, what you do first thing in the morning can often set the tone for the rest of your day. It can affect your mood and your behaviors for the following hours. What’s the first thing you do every morning? Do you: Check
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How to drop the ‘weight’ and reclaim your confidence

Ladies… Do you dread facing your closet in the morning? Are you tired of the rollercoaster of starting and stopping your health and fitness focus? Does the constant voice in your head that tells you “you are too fat” keep you tired, frustrated, and sad? Join us 8/5/14 at Noon to “Drop the Body Guilt:
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The one friend who will NEVER leave you isn’t who you think

The one friend who will NEVER leave you isn’t who you think

If you had to count your friends, and I mean really really good friends, who would they be, and what number would you reach?  What makes a person a best friend?  My guess is, it’s one of those people who is always there for you when you need them, they are able to empathize and
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As Many Reps As Possible- Workout

It sure is HOT out today! Stay inside and try this workout, no excuses! This is an AMRAP- As Many Reps As Possible. This was from a June Fitness Fire class (class cal link: http://www.inspiredathleticmovement.com/class-schedule.html). Set a timer for 8 (you can start lower and work your way up) minutes and see how many reps
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The Food of Movement

I read something recently that got me thinking. We expect food to nourish our body, feed our cells, replenish our brain energy, and we may even expect to have a little fun with food, but we rarely think of movement the same way. Movement is Medicine.  And more than that, it is life. We literally
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What could you do in 30 days?

Summer is a time to gather for picnics, take time out for walks and hikes, go on the road for vacation, or slow down at a summer music festival.  My boys have been begging to go outside every day all day.  It’s because summer is so full of possibilities that I hear so many of
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