Nicole is amazing….. I’m a runner, and need core strength and balance training. She develops the perfect workouts to fit my needs, and the perfect stretches to cure my nagging ailments. The workouts are always challenging and filled with variety, and they’re always rewarding…..and they’re always the best workouts of the week!
— Michael (Lafayette, CO)
Working with Nicole over the past several years has been transformative not only physically, but in every area of my life. Her coaching has been an investment in my overall well-being and improved performance in my work. I consider Nicole a close confidante, champion, and advocate for my being my best self in and out of the gym.
— Natalie (Boulder, CO)
Prior to the 90 day program I knew how to do the yo-yo weight-loss thing but what I didn’t know was how to begin cultivating a positive relationship with my whole being that elevates my health in a very real way. What works for me is that I know that I can challenge, nurture, and care for my body in a way that produces absolute results (increased muscle tone, weight loss, greater confidence). I also know that at times, especially when dealing with a health issue, I will listen to my body rather than get angry or disappointed in it. I have redefined the relationship I have with my body and my health in a way where I tap into self-encouragement, self-compassion, and belief in what I can do
— Mary (Superior, CO)
I value the tailored training Nicole creates to support numerous events in my life, from recovery to milestone race events. Combining education with her desire to meet me where I am, she challenges me to dig deeper and supports me in achieving goals. I recommended Nicole’s training to my husband and it’s been very rewarding to watch his transformation.
— Gloria (Boulder, CO)
The 90 day program reminded me of how much I like to work out and challenge my body physically. I learned a lot about good technique and goal setting. I’ve reaped a lot of benefit from the program, and my family especially appreciates the meal planning tips and tricks. All of my clothes fit much better and I fit back into some clothes I thought I might not wear again. It’s like a whole new wardrobe!
— Olivia (Boulder, CO)
Nicole is AMAZING. I wish there was a six star rating that I could give her. She’s wise, fun, supportive, compassionate, brilliant, and a force of nature when it comes to ensuring my best health. Her work with me (exercise, diet, mind/body) is one of the best things in my life. She gets my highest recommendation.
— JC (Minnesota)