Making movement matter

Day 3 of the Health Revolution

Does it sometimes feel like from the second you wake up until the moment your head hits the pillow that either your mind or your body was running all day??

As a mother of three kids, I am sometimes shocked at how long I can go without ever sitting down if I am not intentional about it.  And for many of you, it is shocking you can go so long sitting at work without even thinking about it.

The miracle of our bodies is that they will do and adapt to what we ask them to do. But the number one thing that will make your body feel the best the most quickly, is to commit to movement.

Today’s video is about Making Movement Matter.

Sure, I might be picking up, grabbing stuff, carrying kids, etc…but when do I stop and intentionally move and notice what it feels like in my body??  Too often when we look at exercise we see it as a nice add-on or a necessary burden we have to do.

In working with women specifically in fitness for the last 20+ years, I am certain of one thing:  when you move your soul wakes up.

In this third video I’ll be teaching you about the 3 biggest mistakes women make when it comes to their movement and exercise.  And of course, be sure to watch to the end for a little motivation for your own movement too.

Then, be sure to add your Ah-Ha’s in the comment section of the video and then schedule your homework call with me.  I wrote this video series to help, so use the gift of this time wisely!

Joyfully yours,