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Peace and plenty

I learn a lot from fairy tales.

“Once upon a time, a golden harp lived in a beautiful castle.  The harp’s magic song cast a spell of peace and plenty over the land.  Everyone was happy in the land called Happy Valley”  - Mickey and the Beanstalk
In most fairy tales, the enchantment is focused on an evil witch/stepmother/meanie who casts a spell to put a princess to sleep, or keep her locked in a tower, or take away her voice, etc.
But in this knock-off story of James (Mickey) and the Beanstalk, the Golden Harp is there to cast spells of PEACE and PLENTY.
What story do you believe about your health and your body?
Are you in a state where you find yourself run down, overwhelmed, foggy and fed up?
What would it be like to feel at PEACE with your body and have PLENTY of confidence and energy?

If you are like many moms- particularly moms with little one’s like me, or who have more than one child, or who are burning the candle at both ends to keep your life going and still work or tend to other family needs, then finding this Golden Harp sure would be helpful.
Obviously there is no Golden Harp coming any time soon to rescue you or the one you love who is in this boat.  However, you can access peace with your body and find plenty of energy and confidence.
It starts with your story.  Or at least the story you tell yourself.
If you believe that:
- you cannot take time for yourself
- you are all alone
- your body will never “be the same”
- you have too much going on to make changes now
- nothing has worked in the past, so why try now…
then, you will remain stuck.
However, if you start to shift your thinking and at least open your mind to the possibility that there is peace and plenty available for you as you take baby steps, then you are already a huge leap forward toward accessing your own beanstalk miracle.
Here’s a Thursday Throwback Video I made for you from 2010 to help you manage your expectations and start finding renewed peace and plenty.

I'd love it if you would share this message with any stressed out, over-tired, and/or frustrated woman you know!  And if this message hits you at home- don't hesitate to reach out for a chat, I have some tricks up my sleeve to help you out.

Healthy Blessings,


How to drop the 'weight' and reclaim your confidence


Do you dread facing your closet in the morning?

Are you tired of the rollercoaster of starting and stopping your health and fitness focus?

Does the constant voice in your head that tells you "you are too fat" keep you tired, frustrated, and sad?

"Drop the Body Guilt: How to surrender the 'weight' and reclaim your confidence"

After a long day fighting with your own head and heart around whether you really have the energy to go workout, doing everything you can to eat with some sort of control, and spending most of our time caring for everyone but ourselves...what we're really longing for is time to do something that makes us feel good.


Being a woman is hard enough. But when you feel horrible because

  • your clothes don't fit
  • you feel run down because there never seems to be enough time for your needs
  • you are disappointed in yourself for "letting your body go"
  • you have tried everything and nothing seems to really work
  • you spend most of your time and head space beating yourself up for getting out of shape or gaining weight
  • and you feel guilty for not being a better role model of health for your kids...'s even harder.

And trust me, you are not alone. There are so many women out there who are overwhelmed with how much there is to do, and how little time they seem to have left for themselves.

So, in this 60 minute tele-seminar, we will take a look at how to help you redefine what is possible for your life, your heart, and your health.

We will open up our vault and show you:

  • The number one strategy we use to help women kick start their health so they can start actually feeling good.
  • The 3 primary ways women sabotage themselves and how to quickly make sure you don't make these mistakes yourself.
  • Our super smart trick that turns your goals into easy action steps you can fully commit to and achieve with confidence.

We know you work very hard and are proud to be a devoted and driven woman. If you're committed to getting your health in order now in service of living a long life and to create the ease and power that comes with feeling amazing in your body, you must join us. Living a healthy life in which I wake up loving my body and treating it well is one of my greatest gifts that I can share, and I know you will gain super valuable and practical insights from what we have created.  Losing weight and having more energy are great outcomes, but what matters most in the end is how you consciously respect and honor yourself and your body by attending to your needs.  We have the tools that will make it so much easier for you!

How to Create Confidence From a Body That Works

Eventbrite - Creating Confidence From A Body That WorksJoin us April 29th from 7-8:30 to learn more about how Restoration Fitness is supporting amazing moms who give so much to others that their health and self-care has fallen off the priority list in their own lives. We know the feeling of neglect and guilt all too well and how it can completely sabotage your life.  As  moms and business owners, we know what it is like to feel overwhelmed by all we have to do and how challenging it can feel to get control of  time so we can prepare healthy meals and snacks, get in workouts, get rest, and still have a little brain space to grant self-compassion in our lives for what we know we "aren't doing".

We will share what we are learning and how we have created a program that gives moms out-of-this-world accountability, education, and support to help them gain control, confidence, and the energy to be the proud and excited women they want to be!  We will have snacks and a glass of wine too!!