Be still to boost your strength

There is strength in stillness.

As I watched the palm trees sway in the wind of the hurricanes last week I am reminded that nature is a wonderful teacher.
How often do you find yourself saying, “This week has been SO busy - my schedule is crazy... I feel like I never get anything done... I am so overwhelmed!"
We are often so prone to fitting in just one more thing that we forget to be mindful of the strength of staying still in a moment.  

Take in the small little moments to notice the rain falling, your breath, and your heartbeat in order to let your stormy mind become just a little more quiet.
As I have learned more and more about the human body over the years, I am more stunned by how our strength grows as we stand strong amidst what comes up in the stillness as I am the ability to push hard through life.
It isn’t easy to face pain no matter how it comes, but pain is what will make you stronger. You can face the pain of lifting a heavier deadlift; you can face the pain of standing still with your emotions and letting her heart feel them so you can actually deal with them. 

Both take a physical strength. Both will make you feel and live more in touch with what makes you feel connected, confident and courageous in the end.
Make no mistake, standing in stillness, especially at the beginning can take work. With practice, you can use stillness to ground your body, settle your mind and heart, and to create resilient energy to use as a springboard for forward motion in your life.
Tai chi is literally “meditative movement” and I am falling in love with it.  Here’s a great beginners tutorial for how simple standing with intention and breathing can generate results. 

30 Day Workout Challenge

Start your day simply breathing in a standing posture for 5 minutes. Over the course of 30 days you will feel your body, mind, and soul connect!