Exercising the Demons

You read that right.  My fight to exorcise my demons hinges on exercise.  

You know those moments, or days, when you are sure that if one more thing knocks you down you will scream and run away and lock yourself in the closet?

I may be the only one, but I have had my share of times when someone randomly says or does something, or some event triggers me that completely derails me.  I lose my hope, my confidence, and any sense of positive or logical thinking. 

I end up letting my inner gremlins run amuck in my mind, and I am lost to the insanity of negative loser talk. It's horrible, and I don't mind saying I wish I could turn it off easier, but after years of beating myself up about it I have learned tools to deal with it and get moving on. Thank God.

The one thing I can rely on to always bring me back is one particular exercise.

I am not going to say that this method will for sure be your preferred way to usher those menacing thoughts and feelings out of your body and mind, but I will bet my bottom dollar that if you commit to movement when you are being ambushed, you will find the light much more quickly. 

So here's the secret.  I take a prayer walk.  

This isn't me simply repeating mantras or patting myself on the back with a power pep talk.  This is me, pleading with my God to intercede in my life and to help me see the real truth clearly. 

I often listen to spiritual music, but I don't have to.  I cry a lot.  Sometimes I pump my fist in the air, and sometimes I even find a way to laugh.  

I've tried doing this in other ways that don't include movement, but it never works as well.

Somehow when I get my body to move, my spirit moves with it.

Dear one, you don't have to keep dragging your crap around with you.  Use movement to help you let it go, and release it to a higher power to give yourself a break.  

You are beautifully and wonderfully made.  EVERY. SINGLE. PART. OF. YOU.

Take your own prayer walk, and be a warrior for your heart.  You need it to keep doing all the good you offer this world.

Yesterday I had an altercation with a granny who decided to inform me that my children were misbehaving and offending her with their loud craziness.  After an afternoon of tears and shame and anger, the only way I could see clearly was to go for a prayer walk.  And then post my feelings on Facebook.  Between movement and getting things off my chest, with my God and with my people, I was much more at peace with the real truth of who I am as a mother, woman, and friend.  

Trust me, you will be so much more at peace too.