6 lessons to losing 70lbs in 8 months

Regardless of whether you lose a single pound you will live a healthier, happier, and most likely a longer life when you take care of your body.
The good news is IT IS possible to lose weight for the right reasons. 
I have been working with a client through my online health coaching services for the last 9 months. He lost 70 pounds over the first 8 months of working with me. It’s amazing to me that I had never seen his face until he sent these pictures, and yet, in our work together he found the courage, tools, and determination to stick with the process.

Here is what Arnold learned...

  1. I can stay focused and intentional with my choices when I am facing a temptation.
  2. I don't have to go overboard to feel satisfied.
  3. I have tools and awareness of what food choices help me.
  4. I know what types of consistent movement will keep me on pace.
  5. I make prepping food a fun event with music and I stay curious about what I can learn from finding new meals/recipes I like.
  6. I make a plan for what I will eat before I go to the store and I keep healthy foods on hand at all times.

This wasn’t an overnight process. Arnold took time to invest in his health, to do the prep work each week for his food, and he set time aside for exercise. He works out twice per week doing an interval and core class at work and he preps his food for the week every Sunday.
Honestly, what has surprised Arnold the most is how much easier it has been to follow the guidelines we set for him. He was miserable when he was trying to lose weight by starving himself and doing it on his own with little success.
He has more energy now than ever to spend time with his grandbabies, and he is no longer beating himself up about every little mistake he might be making with his health.
Health coaching is truly effective as multiple studies are now confirming. In a recent randomized control trial, patients who achieved their health goal of getting things like their blood sugar levels, blood pressure or LDL cholesterol to health levels was 47.1 percent at 12 months and dropped only slightly to 45.9 percent at 24 months. 
Of course you know what to do. That’s not the point. The point is now you need to start :)

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