Relieve pain and get happy with one workout

A recent study showed that the first 20 minutes of movement is what gives you the biggest hit of energy for the day.  And here’s why…

it releases endorphins. 

These puppies are brain chemicals that are the “feel good drug” in our body. 

Wanna know how to reduce pain in your body or feel more relaxed or optimistic?

Increase your endorphins.

It still surprises me how much I love movement.  It is incredible in the way it acts as medicine to the body, mind, and soul.

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But let’s get back to those endorphins. Not all forms of exercise will produce the endorphin rush those runners rave about.  I should know, I ran like a crazy lady for most of my life.

Crazy aside, find out how you can get your endorphins up with a specific type of training so you can start reaping the benefits for more happiness and less pain.

And it really is pretty specific.  Endorphins are released when you cross over from aerobic into anaerobic training.  You can access anaerobic training through higher intensity cardio or heavy weight training.

Here’s a sample workout:

Warm-up for 3 minutes

Exercise 1) Using a bike, treadmill, elliptical, or even a pool, start out at a challenging pace and resistance/incline for 3 minutes. After 3 minutes, increase the pace or resistance by one level.  Repeat for 3 total rounds (or a total of 9 minutes) up to a point where you are huffing and puffing for air.

Exercise 2) Complete as many push-ups as you can to failure (either from your knees or toes).  Rest 15-20s and repeat, attempting to get as many reps as you can up to failure.

Exercise 3) Complete as many squats as you can with full range of motion with the heaviest weight you can control.  This might mean body weight, or it could be holding weights in your hands, or a bar at your shoulders.  Whatever you choose, make it tough, but don’t sacrifice your form.  Complete 10 reps. Rest 15-20s and repeat again up to failure.

Exercise 4) Complete a Step Up at a height close to the height of your knees.  Hold weights so that each step is a challenge to keep your back tall and your body in control.  Complete 10 reps each leg, then rest 15-20s.  Choose a challenging weight and repeat Step-ups to failure (which means you begin to break form in order to get up on the step).

You will sleep well after this workout, and your mood will be better too.  All because of the happy, natural drugs in your body called endorphins. Go Body!! 

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