Baby steps for BIG results-- 7 tips from those who have succeeded

Most people fall into a few categories when they seek out a trainer, whether it's wanting to

  • feel stronger, more confident, or more able to tackle the big things of life,
  • rock that bikini or pair of jeans, 
  • o r stay fit enough to do what they love for work, family, or play without getting fatigued or injured.

Creating change takes guts, and there are plenty of success stories from those who have stepped up to the challenge. 

I've consistently asked clients from both the Restoring Strength 90 day program and my private practice what they have done that gave them their greatest success.

"Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be". ~ George A. Sheehan

What have successful clients done that gave them their greatest success?

Here’s your cliff notes to their stories:

“I finally reached a point where I simply couldn’t stay the way I was.  I gave up all my junk and ate the same healthy foods until I got bored or my body stopped losing weight, and then I would change to different foods.  And I walked, and walked, and walked.  Now, people don’t even recognize me I have lost so much weight” – C.L.

“Once I learned to listen to my body I could allow myself to work hard and then I ate as many veggies and protein as I could.  Once I cut out the extra carbs and treats, I felt so much better I couldn’t imagine going back to the way I used to feel.” – M.E.

“After a couple months of strength training, we started doing deadlifts, and I loved the way I felt.  Exercise is one of the few ways I can feel truly strong and I can apply that strength to my work.” – R.Z.

“I used to hide my slip-ups and feel so ashamed when I would “fall off the wagon”, but when I started sharing my set-backs with other people I could trust, I was able to get back on track so much faster” – C.L.

“My life was spinning so fast I didn’t think I could fit in health- or at least it seemed it would take our more than it would give back.  Boy, was I wrong.  After I committed to taking action, even when it was inconvenient or hard, everything started to click” –C.R.

“Every time I tried to get in shape in the past, I would drag myself to stuff I thought I had to do, or cut out as many calories as possible to force myself to suffer enough to lose weight.  Now I know that when I appreciate my body and love it for all it does and can do, I take pleasure in the things that have allowed me to stay fit.” – M.G.

“I had no idea how much my habits for eating and movement were tied to my emotions and my environment.  Now that I can separate my emotional need for food or my depression from my lack of desire to exercise, I can make more intentional decisions that support me in the end.” – E.H.

Rather than sit on the sidelines, take it from these clients- Doing something is better than doing nothing.