Putting Intention To Work

How does joy enter into the holidays for you?

We sing Joy to the World, but do you feel joy in your heart, in your soul, and even in your body this year?

I have been thinking a lot about joy lately.  Being a mom of three young kids, a business owner, and someone who supports busy folks to create more health in their lives keeps my life very full.  So many of us are SO busy already, it makes be cringe to think about getting even busier with the holidays. 

I cringe, because I know how easy it is to let the holidays hamper our ability to stick with our fitness and healthy eating habits. And that can steal our joy.

And if you are someone who struggles with chronic illness, fatigue, or are caring for lots of people in your work or as a mom…it can be even harder to face all we want and need to do while still taking care of our own needs.

What I know is that when we get intentional- even the busiest of us can commit time to tending to our needs.  

The problem is, many of us get so distracted with the day to demands on our lives, we simply forget to be intentional with our deepest needs, or even worse, we forget to ask ourselves what we really need in the first place.

My guess is what most of us need (because I see it in so many people I work with and have been tapping into it myself), is a little more sleep, a little better motivation and focus on eating more nourishing foods and less crap, and to move more consistently in ways that actually give us back energy and joy.

Give yourself a second right now to close your eyes take a few deep breaths, and ask yourself, what do you really, really need right now to feel more joy in your body and your life?