Fueling your "why" with small steps

When was the last time you stopped to connect deeply with why you workout?

Defining the why behind your workout is often the greatest thing we can do to create more consistency and motivation to keep our workouts going- especially when we get busy.  And saying you want to lose weight isn't enough of a motivator- keep asking why until you get a full-body response that resonates with you.

The holidays always seem to make me feel like I have taken on a second full-time job.  It really is incredible what most Americans take on:

Sending cards, hosting or attending parties, buying or making gifts for family/friends/coworkers/teachers/etc, decorating the house, making travel plans, wrapping gifts, closing up business transactions for the year, making food/baking, and the list goes on and on.

The thing to remember in the midst of holiday chaos is:

Every little step forward for your health is a really big deal!

When we get trapped in thinking about how we "should" or we hold tight to expectations that won't work in our current circumstances, we set ourselves up for failure.  

What if we praised ourselves for every little step of positive growth and became our own greatest cheerleaders?

Charlie Brown knows how to do it!

One of the best ways to create more clear positive thinking is with gentle movement like walking or hiking OR meditation.  Even 5 minutes per day of meditation will strengthen the frontal cortex (the decision making part of our brain) and help us have more will power!  

Positive self-talk and affirmation of our strengths will always encourage better decision making and habits than any other negative inner dialogue.  Get excited about those small steps!!