2 Steps that Can Reboot Your Body

Ever since I started working in gyms as a freshman in college, I've been chasing the dream of helping women find confidence in who they are by accessing strength in their bodies.  Sometimes all it takes is a little encouragement to get up and moving and eating better, but most of the time, it is much more complicated than that.  Women have these things called hormones that tend to be way more out of whack when weight loss and energy are hard to come by.

In my last post, I asked,

What if your core relationship with yourself or your own body is broken? 

And I if you haven't done so already, Take this Body Break-Up Assessment to learn more about how you may be sabotaging your health.

Amazingly, when we go through a break-up our bodies respond by:

  • Activating the same pathways in the brain as when we experience physical pain, which increases overall pain- including chest pain.
  • Activating the same part of the brain that is also heightened in those experiencing withdrawal symptoms similar to those with cravings for cocaine
  • Elevating stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline which can lead to digestive issues, acne, and increased blood pressure.
  • Switching more easily to unhealthy behaviors including insomnia and a heightened risk for injury.

Crazy, huh?? And what if you are walking around every day wishing you could have your "old-better-body back", or questioning everything you are doing because it doesn't seem to be working, or maddeningly obsessed with finding a way to squeeze more time out of your day to get around to something for you?

Reconnecting with your body and your health isn't just to move beyond these symptoms- it's to live a life of purpose with your WHOLE self.  Treat your body as though it is your most precious and beloved friend, or dare I say, child.  Feeling strong, having your hormones in balance, and reducing fatigue is possible.

Where do you begin?  2 steps.  

1) Behave as though you are already where you want to be.  If you were the weight you want to be, or had the energy you long to have, what would you be doing?  Take every step you possibly can to do those things even now.  

2) Surround yourself with support and motivation.  Get involved with a team, a support group, or enlist a few friends to encourage you.  You are worth it!  Check out our 90 day summer program for a great start on a community who will boost you up