Ever feel stuck in your body? 

I worked out for the first time on Tuesday since Clara was born 5 weeks ago and I am incredibly sore.  That kind of soreness that makes you look like you are injured when you try to sit down on the floor or get out of a chair.  Of course, the physical soreness will fade, but it’s the emotional realization of how little it took to make me sore that cripples me. Have you ever been there…where it feels like you have a mountain of changes to make but not enough time, resources, motivation, or energy to do it?  

It can be easy to believe that it’s not worth it, or it’s too hard, or that it won’t work, or that you suck so why even try, or worse yet…that your body is a lost cause so why even bother.

For those who struggle to lose weight or who have a chronic illness that limits what the body can do, it can be maddeningly frustrating to feel stuck in an irreversible state.

It’s like being claustrophobic in your own body.

What can you do to find hope?  I have a few tricks I use that have worked like a charm to recharge my clients.

Find freedom and motivation again by checking them out here…

1)    Silence: There are two steps to this one.  A) literally find a way to get where you can quiet your mind.  Take 5 deep cleansing breaths.  B) visualize a knob that allows you to quiet the voices and beliefs that are saying you are too fat, lazy, broken, sick, etc.

2)    Reframe: Get the images out of your head of big thighs, tight clothes, tired eyes, or injured body parts and reframe what you see to include the most positive things you can think of about your body, your mind, and your heart.

3)    Commit:  Change is typically a slow process. By celebrating every small step- no matter how small or insignificant it may seem, you are generating more positive influence to take another step forward.

There’s a quote I’ve had hanging in my house for over a decade that says,

“Adversity does not build character; it reveals it.”

What kind of character will you let shine when you have a mountain to climb?