The one friend who will NEVER leave you isn't who you think

If you had to count your friends, and I mean really really good friends, who would they be, and what number would you reach?  What makes a person a best friend?  My guess is, it's one of those people who is always there for you when you need them, they are able to empathize and say or do just the right thing you need, and they are totally accepting of you no matter what you do or say.  You can depend on them.  You can also tell them exactly what is on your mind, and even (sometimes) get away with being demanding or neglectful. Well, you may not have thought of your body in this way, but dear ones...your body is truly the closest friend you will ever have. The first time I really got this was when I was putting my twin boys to bed.  I tucked them in and kissed their cheeks and told them how much I loved them.  I thought to myself, "No one could know or love you more than I do right now"...and suddenly it occurred to me that they already have someone who actually knows them better than I do.  Their twin brother.  They started life side by side, they sleep side by side, they share every single meal together.  It occurred to me then how sad it is that the rest of the "singletons" like me don't have this.

Ah, but we do.  We have our flesh and blood.  Our hearts and minds.  Our spirit and souls that are with us every where we go.  But all of that is encapsulated into this miracle we carry with us from embryo to death- Our Bodies.

Now consider this:  How are you treating the very best friend you will ever have in the world?  And how do you feel it is treating you?  Who's fault is it?

While the body does have some say in what it can demand and voice, it is ultimately a servant to our wishes.  And as our servant it's primary mission is to help us stay alive.  It takes effort to thrive, doesn't it?

That effort can either be from a place of pushing, punishing, and prodding, or it can be from a place of self-compassion, love, and respect.

You ultimately have a finite number of days to get to know your closest friend.  What will you do to love, nourish, enjoy, and free your body up to join you in the greatest possible life you could imagine?