How to Revive your Health with Inner Wisdom

No matter where you are on this roller coaster ride we call life, we all have times when we need a revival.  Whether it is a revival of hope, motivation, dreams, relationships, action, or anything else, one thing is certain, life can chew us up and spit us out so quickly that we hardly have time to react. It isn’t always a violent process, in fact most of the time we slowly let complacency creep in without realizing our actions have slipped away from our control. In the end, no matter how we get blindsided by disappointment, defeat, loss, or a change of direction, we always have a choice to make.  Will we get back up and try again, will we find a new way, or will we wallow in our self-pity or negativity until is steals our heart away? I recently had a client contact me who has finally found a resource who has helped her overcome her hormonal imbalances.  She is finally losing weight and feeling more like herself, but it took 2 year and a lot of searching and persistence to find the right fit for her needs.  I tell you this story to encourage you that no matter what you are going through, there is a solution out there for you.  There are thousands of different diets and different types of exercise programs out there, and the solution ultimately lies within you to find what makes you feel best.

As I watch my boys grow, it amazes how their little bodies just know what they need.  They cry when they are hungry, they figure out how to roll over, to crawl and to stand up while hanging on for dear life to the edge of the couch.  I didn’t teach them this.  They just know.  My challenge for you is to take some time this year to sit back and listen to your body.  Just because we are over a year old, it doesn’t mean our body has stopped communicating with us.  We have simply allowed too many distractions to get in the way.  Intuitively, many of us know what our body really needs, we are just choosing to ignore it.

Most likely it won’t be any flash of lightning or shocking feedback.  More rest, more vegetables, more water, more movement could all be the answers your body needs, but only your body can tell you.  You can try every diet and exercise program in the world, but until you really start to appreciate your body for the miracle it is and respect its voice, you won’t sustain results for long!

Looking to revive your health?  We are offering a 21 day fitness and nutrition challenge that will now be starting this Monday the 14th!  Most of what this challenge will provide is the accountability to follow through with what your body is telling you to do to already!