Rolling with the bumps in the road to health

I recently attended a business meeting with the Crankset group, and this analogy was brought up to explain the best way to look at our path to greatness in life.  Too often we give up or get disappointed because we don't see the clear road ahead and we feel like all we do is come up against challenges rather than success.  We think our journey to success should be a straight upward line of accomplishments. What's interesting is that if we think about it realistically, every successful undertaking looks more like a winding mountain stream than a straight flat road.  Imagine the drop of water that starts at the peak which has to create a path around rocks, tree stumps, cliffs, mud, ponds, hills, and valleys.  Although it is headed downhill, and will end up in the ocean just like the rest of the water from the top, it has it's own journey to take to get there.  What we have to assume is that although the road may have bumps and hurdles, if we focus on our purpose and passion and set our life on a course based on strong values that we prioritize, we will make our way to our own ocean of success.  Health may not always be a given, but we do have a choice to decide how we will live in the given moment.  Will you choose to find the way to an optimistic attitude, to gather a great support system, and allow yourself to be pushed while giving yourself grace or will you shut down and stay put in your pain?

The choice is yours.

Take courage and get help.  Find confidence in knowing you will find what you need when you ask.  Be willing to connect and share your story.  After all, road trips are always more fun with a friend.