Free Resources

Stage 1
Your 4-minute morning practice to wake up your confidence with movement.

Moving your body is a fundamental part of what makes you exquisitely human.  It is enlightening and inspiring. 

When you move your body you tell your mind to wake up, you pump blood to all areas of your body to invigorate your inner-most being, and you connect more deeply with your soul as your breath and body connect. 

Wake up 5 minutes earlier each day to find your fierce inner warrior and connect with your confidence.

Stage 2
Use this tool to drop old habits and turn toward new ones.

Nicole shares the way that she recognizes her feelings, sees her triggers, and enlists new habits to overcome her negative ones.  You can do it too!

Stage 3
Access your deep vision:
how to stay grounded when in a negative spiral.

In this final sample video you will engage your heart and mind while stretching into a place where you can see your dreams more clearly.  You are a miracle and you are needed.  Rather than sink into a negative space, use this practice to "Mother Up" to a new level.

Thank you for experiencing these videos with me.  Please be sure to schedule a phone call with me to discuss how this program might help you find your strength and passion again.