Your body is your strength, not your excuse.
— Nicole


How would it feel to be in a body that energizes you, gives you confidence, and bolsters you up?

Whether your setback was an illness, a family crisis, a negative diagnosis, a shift in work, a move, or even the birth of a new baby or big life change you may be in a place where your body and health have been put on the back burner.  

It's time to revive your body. Use our weekly support system to help you nourish your body better and move more to create momentum with less anxiety.


Your body is a miracle, a gift.  It exists to help you embody your purpose on this planet. To fully manifest your dreams and aspire to your goals, it is imperative that your heart and soul wake up and stay in flow with your actions.

Our weekly sessions will elevate your spirit with encouragement, relationship & communication tips, and time management tools so you can find a true sense of meaning and create energy in all you commit to each day.


On the 2nd and 4th Tuesday evenings at 7:00pm Nicole will be LIVE on video to check in, connect you to your body, and to teach you a new tip, tool, or technique that will offer you a focal point for your mental, emotional, and/or physical health.

You will receive a video recording and follow up e-mail that will nudge you into motion each week.

On the "off weeks" you'll get pre-recorded workouts, inspirational cardio audio clips, and methods to bust stress with your body.

And for those of you who are local, we will be organizing hikes with our members each month to meet face to face and have some outdoor fun!

This program is like having a health coach, a cheerleader, and educator, and a bestie all on speed dial each week.  Perfect for those who need a holding hand to get them started or a weekly reminder to keep things in perspective while pushing yourself to use your body to help your strengths flourish.

As a health coach and personal trainer I will be pairing the best of both worlds by bringing in the support that will energize your fitness and inspire your wellness.