Using Trapeze Moments to Fuel your Fit Life

Courage is the power to let go of the familiar

A "trapeze moment" is a choice we make to let go of what we are hanging on to in order to have the metaphorical open hands to grab onto the opportunities we want.  It takes making decisions based on where we want to be, not on where we are right now.  And it can feel very risky since we don’t always have certainty that what we aim to grab on to will be there if we let go.

When was the last time you faced a big choice where you put all your faith into the promise of what would happen rather than the pain of letting go and staying the same?

I believe people do this every day they show up for their health.  Sure, there’s evidence that workouts will make you stronger and eating healthy will up your energy. But in the end, we have to let go of what may seem easier to stand up for our health.

This is especially true if you have ever:

  • Tried to lose weight only to end up burnt out and exhausted
  • Pushed your self to eat healthy but ended up starving and craving everything imaginable
  • Started a workout program only to feel like you were spinning your wheels
  • Been sick and felt like your body would never recover
  • Had decent results with your food and fitness but are scared to try anything remotely different for fear you will ruin your progress.

Too often we are holding on so tightly to our “ideal weight” or what we “should” do that we forget to have FUN with our body, food and fitness.  As a personal trainer, I find myself often having to let go of what I think I should be doing for my own workouts because of my title rather than listening to what my body needs.

What if you could let go of your expectations and start a new journey of self-care that gave you back your energy and a connection to your strongest self?

It’s definitely possible.  And I believe it takes facing the following trapeze moments:

Let go:  No more focus on your high school weight.  No more hanging on to your college workout routine because it worked for you then. In fact, no more beating yourself up in general for not being X weight, eating “right”, working out more, etc.  Instead, let go and grab on to what you need NOW. 

Find your Safety Net: One of the reasons it is so easy to stay fit in high school and college is because we have an army of people all around us doing the same thing.  When we get out into the real world, it can get pretty lonely.  Your health safety net includes a commitment to some sort of group to help you get back up when you fall and encourage you to keep on swinging.  Our 90 day program does that and tons more!

Commit:  Once you let go, you can’t go back and grab onto the trapeze bar behind you.  Set your sites on what you intend to do and start living and breathing your new healthy-self.  Old habits can die hard, however,

Commitment is What Transforms a Promise Into Reality
— Abraham Lincoln

If you are struggling to commit and are tired of your own empty promises about getting healthy, choose to let go of your own “trapeze” and start to see the hope of your next step.

And if you need some support in letting go, join us on September 24th as we start our next 90 day Health Reboot program.

Whatever you do, don't just hang in there.  Take the leap!