Let's get real.  Life doesn’t typically turn out exactly the way we thought it would.  Sometimes it’s beyond better, and in other ways it is exactly what we feared.

For many years, the scene in this picture would send me in to a tailspin of depression, fear, and self-loathing.  I didn’t have kids, and yet the universe kept spitting out kids for everyone else.  I was frustrated with my home, and everywhere around me was construction and the sense that everyone loved where they lived so much.  The question, "Why does this come so easily for everyone else" would rise up and the ensuing answer in my mind would be, "You aren't enough and you don't know what you are doing."

When I was walking my son by this junior high school with the home under construction in the background recently the same old frustrations started to boil up.
Sure, it would be nice to just say “stop comparing, be grateful”.
I don’t like coveting what I don’t have.  I would much rather be content at all times with exactly where I am in life.  But interestingly enough, apparently I am human.
What do you covet that others have? A better body?  No sickness or fatigue?  Better hair?? A bigger house?  A better car?

I’d love to hear from you about what gets your goat- It’s always good to know I am not alone in this area.
Sending my kids back to school this year hit me hard.  All of the new routines, back and forth to school, not seeing my kids all day, packing lunches, and figuring out how to keep track of the newborn for sleeping and eating has left my empty and exhausted.
On top of it all I picked the first month of school to start really trying to cook more from scratch, mostly to help us all eat more anti-inflammatory foods.
What was I thinking??  
The first night of batch cooking took me 3 hours.  Trust me, this type of cooking is a labor of love.  I came unglued- tears, sobbing, and I Can’t.
Thankfully my children (while at times are over-the-top-needy) were so sweet.  After burning a new recipe, my son said, “Mommy, your cooking is the best. I love to eat what you make. It’s ok, I’ll eat it!” He is an angel.  And of course, there I go with more tears.
We all have a story of what we think would make our lives better.  Some decision we wish we would have made differently or more money, deeper friendships, better health, etc.
It’s such a waste of time and mental-emotional energy to beat ourselves up rather than stop the negative cycle and celebrate what we have.
While I am love my life and all that is in it, I am seeing my own need to celebrate the little things and acknowledge the very things I hammer home to my clients:

  1. You are worthy

  2. You are capable

  3. You are enough

Truly, YOU are too.
Which is why I decided to do a “Count your Blessings” daily video series over on Instagram.  You can find me here on Insta to catch the latest update for momming, moving, and staying mindful through the highs and lows of the day to day grind.
You’ll see my little Nolan, catch some fun with the fam, and of course get some inspiring tips and reminders for how to live your own holy, healthy, and healed life.

Also, in case you missed the last post, I wanted to remind you to go grab your Readiness for Exercise Questionnaire.  If you struggle with knowing what to do each day for exercise when you have a chronic illness, auto-immune disease, or are just getting started with fitness, then download this tool to learn how to listen to your body better and know exactly how to adjust your workout for movement that heals:

If you know someone with hashimotos, infertility, lupus, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, or other chronic illness...especially if their heart is to become a better mother, please forward this message to them.  I love serving wannabe moms and moms who are struggling to help them overcome the overwhelm and gain strength and soul through their journey.  

Wishing you holy, healthy, healing,


P.S. After a long hiatus I am excited to announce that I am making a comeback to coaching online.  It is my hearts desire to give moms and change makers hope, strength, and stamina to help them be the woman they dream of rather than feeling tired, neglected, and overwhelmed.