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April Member of the Month: Rita Zamora

We’re happy to announce April’s Member of the Month: Rita Zamora. Rita is a super, amazing woman who owns a marketing agency for doctors. She does an excellent job (intentionally) balancing her wellness, family and work, even though she may sometimes disagree. She is originally from Southern California but has called Boulder home for the last 24 years along with her husband, Michael, 2 cats- Merlin and Ariel, and their sweet, sweet dog, Sunny. In November 2011, Rita was feeling the need to find something to jumpstart and motivate her in the right fitness direction. She knew the importance of lifting weights and gaining muscle as one aged, this led her to a Google search of “Boulder, CO personal trainers.” Restoration Fitness was one of the results that popped up and Rita really liked what she saw. She has been a member ever since! We recently sat down with Rita and had the opportunity to get to know her even more:
(RF) What positive results have you had since joining RF in November?

(Rita) Hmm… where to start? You guys have helped to change my thinking. When I first signed up, it was my first time ever working with a personal trainer, I thought I would come into the gym and lift weights then go home. Restoration Fitness has offered me so much more. Not only have I met my goal weight, learned how to lift weights and I’m the strongest I’ve ever been but you guys’ offered an added bonus of helping me to alter my thinking to a healthier process through coaching and support. I’ve learned and am still learning not to beat myself up as much. I’ve also found a love and enthusiasm for working out again! Thank you!


(RF) What keeps you motivated?

(Rita) You guys! I also love how RF has taught me to have maximum results with my workouts in a minimum amount of time in a healthy, smart way. You’ve taught me a very efficient way to work out, which is so important with my busy schedule.


(RF) What’s the biggest challenge you’ve overcome?

(Rita) Learning how to relax and allowing myself to relax. The restoration part of fitness.


(RF) What does health mean to you?

(Rita) Moderation and balance with regard to food and rest.


(RF) What’s you favorite go-to healthy meal?

(Rita) Two eggs over medium and Brussels sprouts with avocado!

(RF) I’ve never tried Brussels sprouts with eggs, sound delicious! Yummy idea!


(RF) What’s you favorite music to workout to?

(Rita) Pop Top 20 mostly. Pitbull, Rhianna, Foster the People are some examples.


(RF) What’s your favorite workout?

(Rita) Squats are my favorite in the gym. When it’s nice out, I love to hike. It’s so great to be outside and I find it relaxing.

Thanks so much to Rita for taking the time to chat with us. We are so proud of Rita’s commitment to over-all health and wellness. She’s a great example of hard work paying off! We truly have the best clients ever! Thank you so much for being a part of our Restoration Fitness family!