Life Worth Living

When looking at your calendar, do you generally have a sense of calm and simultaneous excitement, or do you instantly get overwhelmed?  


Lately, I have found myself checking and rechecking my calendar assuming I have missed something, or that I need to put one more item on my list so I make sure it gets done.


There’s nothing wrong with filling up your days.  The better question is, 

what are you filling up your days with? 


In my last post I talked about using different tools to track progress rather than being laser focused on the scale.  While feedback about what we are doing can be helpful at times, it can also deflate our motivation if things aren’t changing as fast as we like.


While I love helping people set intentions and goals, what I have realized lately is that, inevitably, life happens.  Kids get sick, we get sick, other people need us, work deadlines take over, health concerns pop up, yadda, yadda, yadda.  And we fall short on completing our goals.


Goals can create stress and anxiety as we think about all the changes and steps we need to take to make them happen- or we imagine all the things that could go wrong while trying to complete them.  


When all we think about is the smaller goals we are trying to achieve, we loose focus on the bigger reason for why the goal is so important in the first place. 


What is the deeper reason for why you want to eat well and exercise?  For most of us it is to live a long life loving those close to us or accomplishing a bigger mission or life- purpose.


How are you goals meeting you in your bigger life purpose?


When you align your daily action steps to support your life passions it will fuel you to stay the course.  Working out for the sake of sweating or losing weight can sometimes be nice, but when you base your workout on what is really compelling to you like…

  • Having the energy to raise kind and respectful children,
  • Growing a business to impact people in a meaningful way,
  • Having the strength to fight off disease so you can see your grandchildren walk down the aisle.


Those are things worth keeping on the calendar!


The next time you think about skipping your workout because you are too busy, think about how that workout makes you live closer to the edge of what makes your life worth living.