Is your body in a rut?

There's nothing wrong with your body.  Really.  No matter what you are struggling with, and no matter what you feel- your body is not the enemy...or your slave.  It is a beautiful gift. When starting out my professional path toward health and wellness, I was coming out of a dark period of my life. I had worked my body to the bone with running and restricted eating, I had a long history of burning the candle at both ends trying to do as much as humanly possible to prove myself every day, and although I loved running and focusing my health, I felt completely out of balance.

Have you ever done something you really believed was "right" in order to be healthy, happy, and whole, but were left exhausted, burnt out, and frustrated with the lack of joy in your life?

Because that was me.

Despite all the data out there today about how various versions of diet and exercise will solve all your life's problems, it became very clear to me as I started this journey that I wanted to help guide people to authentically partner with their bodies. Too often people are "should-ing" themselves right out of feeding their souls and their overall health because they are neglecting to listen to what they actually need and then actually taking action on it.

When Erica and I started working together, what I admired most about her (and still do) was that she was choosing to listen to her body, to find ways to love it and listen to it more, and to evolve without waivering on one thing: that she is worth it.

And here is the thing I want you to consider today:

Your body can make you happy.

Exercise isn't just something that's nice to do, or that will ultimately make you look better. Exercise is a drug. Once your heart rate elevates and your body starts moving, a series of chemical responses in the brain occur that lead to short and long term benefits. It's called the "Happiness Effect".

Here's the tip...stop beating yourself up for all that you are or are not doing to move and exercise and start doing little things that leave you feeling happier because you did them. Especially if you are feeling stuck in a rut with your energy, weight, or joy.

As Albert Einstein said..."Nothing happens until something moves."