Timed Workouts

To help you focus your time for your workouts so you have abundant energy, time, and flow to be present for your life's passions, here is a quick workout that you can complete in less than 30 minutes.  I have recently been turned on to this type of escalating density training, which essentially means getting your body to do more work in less time.  It is formatted after what is called an "EMOM" approach, which is to do an exercise every minute on the minute for a certain number of reps, but I like this one for the additional endurance piece.  Christine Neff gave me a similar workout like this at her noon Elevate Metabolic Boost and Mobility Class at Inspired Athletic Movement (which is on Mondays and Thursdays...I LOVE it). DIRECTIONS: Start a timer that will repeat every three and a half minutes (3 min 30s).

Complete each exercise for the reps listed in order with as little rest as possible until you are finished.  Then repeat the same exercises every 3 minutes and 30 seconds. In essence you are working as fast as you can to "earn" more rest by getting done faster before the next 3min 30s starts.  Complete 4-5 total rounds of three and a half minutes.  As a warm-up you could do a lighter round of each exercise, then to finish, be sure you stretch and use your roller!

1) 10 Perfect push-ups (you can do these off a counter or couch to make them a little easier so your form stays pure).

2) 10 Bentover rows with Dumbells.

3) 10 Squat to Overhead presses with Dumbells or Medicine ball slams.

4) 60 jump ropes.

Be sure to pick weights that are challenging by the end of workout and that still allow you to use good form.

And reach out to us tell us how you are using gratitude to honor the time you have and to bless your body!