Part 2: Harnessing your power for good

Last week we started our discussion about superheroes (and heroines!).  I mentioned the fact that I wanted to be a police officer when I was a little girl so I could catch the bad guys and save families from pain and suffering.  Reality hit not long after I made this decision, and needless to say, my ambition now lies elsewhere. However, my question to this day remains, “What keeps me from being a super hero in my own life?”  Aren’t we given an incredible gift of life, skills, desires, and even education to pursue our own superhuman acts during our days on this earth?

Perhaps it is because we have tried and felt we have failed so many times to “get it right”.  Or maybe it is because our life doesn’t meet our expectations.  Or maybe it’s because we simply don’t believe we are anything all that special in the first place.

When we are disappointed in ourselves or our circumstances, our desires to be fully alive and authentically expressing our essence can diminish to a resigned hopelessness.  Failed attempts at change or the reality of our current needs can leave us feeling powerless to the overwhelm of what we believe it will actually take to really make a difference.

But that’s where super hero’s have it all figured out.

Forgive me for the reference to a movie I actually don’t love, but I really have to hand it to Katniss from the Hunger Games as a perfect example of this.   If you haven’t seen the movie, I would only recommend seeing it to catch a glimpse of this super-heroine in action- but brace yourself for a pretty alarming and disturbing story line.  As an extremely short synopsis: Katniss basically takes the place of her sister in a gladiator type game that is set up by the government, and then at every turn during the “games” she does what she can to save peoples lives rather than kill them.  She harnesses her power for good.

She doesn’t have any extra-special training.

She isn’t necessarily in better shape than her opponents.

She doesn’t wear a fancy suit or cape.

She isn’t famous, nor is there any evidence she has a perfect body.

She doesn’t seem to be smarter than the others…

She just has an incredible sense of justice and is willing to risk her life to uphold it.


The coolest thing about her is she doesn’t ask the question, “am I good enough?”  She just goes for it.


She doesn’t ask for her circumstances to change.

She has faith in herself.


When was the last time you had enough faith in YOU to go for it?

What would you do if you could use your power for good in your own way?


Having a strong body can help you confidently choose to embrace your power on a regular basis.  When you feel the power of your physical strength, you get a feeling you can kick butt in just about anything.  Wouldn't it be great if we could believe in ourselves once and for all?


Believe it.  If we could , we would give you a swift kick in the pants to powerfully do good with the amazing gifts, body, and talents you already have.  All you have to do is go for it.