What the diff between Semi-Private's and Classes?

When a person says, "fitness class" it's easy to picture a Jane Fonda type scene with spandex, steps, and tiny weights.  We thought it might be good to clarify what we think our classes have to offer you, and how they differ from our semi-private and private sessions.  Of course, you're welcome to wear whatever you like to any of our offerings, just as long as you know where you fit in! Classes: Right now we call these "Fitness Fire" classes.  They are a high-intensity, circuit-style, total-body workout that combines cardio with weights.  It's what many people in the fitness world call Metabolic Conditioning.  Every now and then we shake it up and go for time or highest amount of reps on a series of exercises which is more about Metabolic Density Conditioning, but overall, it is meant to crank up your metabolism by working the muscular and cardiovascular system together.  This type of workout is likely not going to get you to load your body for building maximum strength, but it will help with building some muscle endurance, and potentially some speed. The thing that makes our classes different, is that our average class size is only 6 people.  That means we can treat each class more like a group personal training session by adjusting exercises to fit each persons unique needs.  Have an injury or a funky shoulder...we can accommodate that!

Semi-private Sessions: These are what we call fitness coaching sessions.  The best part about these is that we get to directly address your goals and your body's unique movement patterns to help you maximize your strength and function.  We incorporate a specific program design to include dynamic warm-up and stretching to correct your tight areas and activate your weak spots.  We also use a variety of methods to strengthen your body in all planes of movement.  The best part about these workouts is that these are what build muscle and improve your overall physique the most!  We love semi-privates because 2-3 people can work out together for greater inspiration and accountability while saving a ton of money compared to personal training.  We like to call it  "buddy strength training".

Private sessions: These include all of what the semi-privates offer, only its you and trainer only.  That means you get the full attention and conversation to maximize your coaching to troubleshoot, motivate and keep you accountable during your sessions.  The only downside, is they are nearly double the price of a semi-private session.  So  if money is not a barrier for you, and you like your trainer all to yourself, then by all means...personal training is a great choice.

We also offer nutrition services and wellness coaching to help you with your nutrition and lifestyle needs.  But that's the lo down on the current activity at the gym!