Sugar plum fairies-Can You Avoid the Sugar?

Unless you are a ballerina, this post is likely for you.  The sugar plum fairy  is one of the most coveted roles in the Nutcracker, so I can see how a ballerina would die to be a sugarplum.  But for the rest of us, the sugar is just plain tempting.  This past week I asked people what they were most looking forward to this holiday, and 505 of people polled said holiday cookies.  No kidding.  The holidays are already stressful enough, but when you add a sugar overload to the mix, things can get out of control quick. To keep your sweet tooth at bay and yet still give yourself the chance to enjoy some treats, here's a few tips:

1) Understand that sugar is a drug.  In fact all food is a drug, but in the case of sugar, your body responds similarly to when it absorbs crack.  You get an enormous high and a huge let down.  And the darn stuff is addicting- that's why it is so hard to only have one!

2)  Speaking of only having one.  Take your time and choose the 1-2 treats you really want and savor them.  Put them on a special plate, sit down and pay attention to what you are eating.  Chew slowly and take a couple sips of water in between bites.

3) Have a back-up plan.  Bring your own munchies to snack on like gum or popcorn to make sure you have a little go-to distraction should you really be tempted.

4)  Enlist a buddy. At the start of the day, tell a friend your plan and make sure they have a "code word" to make sure you know they are on the lookout and trying to help you step away from the cookies.

5) Keep a picture of yourself in you mind of the strongest version of you.  The idea is to help embody the you you want to be rather than the temptation to eat something you ultimately don't want or need.

Seem too hard.  Well, I'll be the first to admit that when it comes to the holidays, a few extra workouts make up the difference for those extra cookies in the end.  However, when I go into the day with a game plan, I always eat less than I would without one.  Give it a try!