The secret to simplicity

Isn't it ridiculous that in this day and age when we have countless things to make our life simpler, we are found pulling our hair out at how complicated things have become?  There's always another app to download, another blog to read (thanks for reading this one!), another friend's facebook post to comment on, another book to read, another workout or recipe to try.  With the accessibility of so many resources and information, it's wonder we ever get anything done! What's missing is our ability to live simply.  It's just too darn easy to let life pile up and to try to do it all.  Our church has put out a challenge over the past couple of years to simplify with the goal in mind that we get back to what matters most:authentic relationships, both with ourselves, God and others.  Here's a peek at our Commit to Simplify action items.  See if you can find one this week to commit to and start to make changes.  Even if it means reaching out (and getting vulnerable) to get some help to make it happen:

  1. Commit to making a real budget (You earn money, so spend it in ways that matter)
  2. Commit to de-cluttering your life (Your mind, home, car, relationships, time...)
  3. Commit to taking a time inventory (168 hrs/week.  Are you spending them wisely?)
  4. Commit to nature (get out- find ways to be in nature daily)
  5. Commit to developing a habit of giving things away (consider those in need and how you can help)
  6. Commit to enjoying things without owning them (find freedom in the simple things- less is more)
  7. Commit to the environment and God's creation (reduce, reuse, recycle every opportunity you get)
  8. Commit to practicing delayed gratification (no impulse buying. is it needed? is there money?)
  9. Commit to a spiritual time with God each day. (slow down enough to pray, worship, consider God)
  10. Commit to increasing your compassion for others.  (find ways to serve those who have less)

If you are anything like me, meals are something that you have to plan in order to simplify your life, rather than scrambling at the last minute to figure out what's for dinner.  In order to meal plan consistently you have to be realistic about how much time you are willing to give to meal prep.  Many families choose to cook for a day and freeze bigger entree's for the month, others rely on providers like Back to Basics Kitchen in west Lafayette to have meals on hand without having to do much prep at all.  Whatever your solution, you must get into a routine, or it will never happen!

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