Fitness without excuses

I completed a quick workout yesterday while the boys were napping, and it was glorious. I video taped most of it, but included only the finisher here: Nicole in Home workout. (If the link doesn't work, I will keep working on it and repost soon) Needless to say, you are all my motivation as I get back on track with 2 little "excuses" taking up my time. I felt great after the workout and was even a little sore...especially my tummy! Here's what I did so you can try it at home too! Warm-up: Stair running x3 minutes Dynamic Stretches: Standing quad stretch x3ea; Lateral lunge groin stretch x3ea; Walking heel digs x3ea; Pec stretches x2ea; 15 speed squats. The Circuit: Stepping lateral lunge 2x10 Push-ups 2x10 (these were harder than I remember them being...) Standing bentover reverse fly 2x10 Step ups to the second step 2x10 Finisher: Front plank 30s followed by walking burpees (step back to push-up position, hop both feet to hands stand and jump, repeat) x10. I rested until I felt recovered and repeated this 1 more time.

I got in a good little sweat and felt so amazing to have done something for me! I can't wait to get back into my routine again. Let me know what you are doing these days to get into, and stick with, your routine!