March Member of the Month: Debbie Setlock

For those of you who participate in Fitness Fire classes, you know that Debbie Setlock will most likely be there and that she will for sure be kicking major butt. She always gives 110%, with a cheery disposition, and we love her for it!

Debbie became a Restoration Fitness member in March 2011 after attending Wild Women Adventures, which is a weekend mountain retreat led by Nicole and her friend and colleague, Christine the last couple of years. Debbie was at a point in her life where she was doing a lot of life reflection on her health and had heard a quote, “You can spend money and effort now on your health and wellness or you can spend it later on your illness” and it really resonated with her. She decided joining RF was a commitment she wanted and needed to make.

We sat down with Debbie recently and asked her some questions; she had some great insights to share. Meet Debbie!...

(RF) Tell us a little background info about yourself:

(Debbie) I’ve lived in Boulder since 1970. I manage an assisted living facility in Longmont. My husband, George, and I have a 20-year old son, Tyler who is majoring in nutrition at CSU and has a love for and understanding of health. I am a firm believer in taking responsibility for ones’ health.

(RF) What results have you seen since you joined RF?

(Debbie) Well, I’m stronger. But, asides from that, I really love that I’m doing things for my long-term health. I also learned a lot of helpful nutritional information participating in the RF cleanse last year.

(RF) What keeps you motivated?

(Debbie) My goal of maintaining health for the long term. I want strong bones and don’t want to have to take a bunch of pills everyday as I age, unless I absolutely have to. I love coming to RF, the community of people here is awesome! We all care about each other; I’ve never had that, to this depth, in other exercise communities.

(RF) What’s the biggest challenge you’ve overcome? (We really appreciated Debbie’s answer to this one and feel many people can relate!)

(Debbie) Taking the time to get here. I have a hard time allowing myself to have balance with work, health, and wellness. I need to constantly remind myself that I’m worthy of taking the time for myself.

(RF) What does health mean to you?

(Debbie) Everything. It means my quality of life now and for the future.

(RF)What’s your favorite food?

(Debbie) Sautéed greens. I recently made sautéed collard greens for a group of people and they were a big hit!

(RF) What’s your favorite song or artist to workout to?

(Debbie) Madonna!! I hope one day to have her buff arms!

(RF) What’s your favorite type of workout?

(Debbie) Hiking.

Thank you Debbie for your wonderful contribution to our members by giving us your honest insight into what health means to you!  You inspire us all!!