Health Revolution Challenge

Are you reaching your health goals? 

The urge to set goals and intentions is a worthy cause to pay attention to since I know you have an exciting vision for your life. In order to achieve that vision you need to feel your very best.

Since every minute of your day is precious, I've put a lot of time and love to make sure the guidance and information I share would truly help you turn the corner and rev up your health and happiness—not just for a day or a week, but for years to come.

You'll get a 15-20 minute video for 5 days that each cover topics like:

  • What’s Zapping Your Energy Foundation,
  • How to Stop Making Food the Enemy,
  • What To Do To Engage in Movement That Matters To You,
  • The Lies That Are Keeping You Stuck from Making Lasting Change, and
  • Why Going it Alone is Never Going to Serve You.

Reconnect with your body

The goal of this challenge is simple- I’ll teach you how to revive your connection to your body so you can access deep healing and reclaim your joy.

You are a powerful woman and I never want you to feel or believe that the thing holding you back is your body.

Why let another day go by leaving you feeling disappointed, deprived, and desperate when you can get support and solutions now?

This challenge will give you free access to my expertise and our amazing online community of support. I look forward to meeting you in the challenge!

In strength and joy,

- Nicole

P.S. Do you know someone who could use support to help them feel strong, joyful, and full of vitality and confidence again? Be a dear friend and send her this e-mail to invite her to join you in this challenge.