Let's face it.  Working out is more fun when shared with others.

Our semi-private memberships are meant to bring out your best. We pair you with another member who works their own program along-side of you so you can share in your progress and push each other through each step of your health restoration journey.  When you show up for your trainer AND a buddy, the stakes are even higher with accountability.  This semi-private membership offers an all-encompassing approach to help you with food, sleep, stress, and more to make your workouts even more effective.

Our solution for instilling fun and surrounding you with support

Preventative wellness is essential for long-term health. 

Our Encompass Semi-Private Programs provide each member with a personalized program to meet their unique needs, lots of focused guidance and wellness coaching, and weekly goal-setting and education to elevate your overall wellness.  In addition to this highly customized coaching we encompass you with community support and tools to make your wellness journey a little lighter.

Benefits of Semi-Private Training

  • Improve adherence to your workouts and clean eating when enrolled with support
  • Increase your level of personal esteem while also encouraging and being inspired by others
  • Build lifestyle changes to elevate the effectiveness of your workouts
  • Increase mobility, strength, sleep better, and feel more vibrant in all of your life
  • Elevates the likelihood you will stick with your health habits rather than yo-yo

How it Works

We begin by meeting with you to evaluate your exact needs. Based on your initial consultation, we will then prepare your program and get you started!

  • You choose the time and days you prefer to meet, and either sign-up with a buddy (which will give you both a discount!) or we will pair you with someone.

  • A monthly auto-payment will be deducted unless you tell us you can't train for some months.  We continue your membership on a month to month basis and you can cancel anytime.  (Just give us 10 days notice)

  • Get members-only benefits like special videos, workshops, and promos to help you create a vibrant all-encompassing healthy lifestyle.

Put Wellness Back Into Your Life

Interested in finding out how you can get involved with our Encompass Semi-Private training program? 

Contact us today to set up a custom consultation and get you moving towards optimal health!