If you want to change your life, the place to start isn’t in your mind, but in your body”

Do you find yourself feeling like you are regularly letting yourself down because you neglect your workouts, continue to snack on sugar or extra food when you know you “shouldn’t”, are overwhelmed with getting momentum toward positive change, or are in a place where you just don’t want to lose the big wins you have worked so hard to get?

Then a working with a coach isn't a "nice thing", it's a necessity.

What would it be like to have a personal health coach in your back pocket?

Someone who will help you

- set attainable goals;

- follow through consistently with what you said you would do for your health;

- help you to embrace what is possible;

- support you through the tough spots of change;

- and check in with you regularly to be sure you were staying focused.

You see, your strength and your health aren’t a privilege, they are an absolute necessity to whole-hearted living.  Without feeling strong in your body, how can you expect to rise up to all you hope to accomplish in life?

Fatigue, depression, lethargy, self-doubt, hopelessness, overwhelm, fear, and pain can all be overcome when you become the CEO of your health. 

What will you get?

Check in twice per month for Dedication Calls. 

  • Get accountability.
  • Find your own higher sense of dedication.
  • Commit to specific steps that will raise your results to get you feeling more alive.
  • Remove the obstacles and keep thriving.

Connect Consistently

You will get daily check-ins from me and added accountability from my Health App that integrates with your Fitbit, iHealth, Garmin, etc.  So I will also be able to see your health tracking in real time to give you:

  • Daily Encouragement
  • Expertise and feedback around proven methods of behavior change
  • Consistent reminders to elevate your commitment

Move together:

If you are local to Boulder you will get invites for a group hikes, outdoor adventure, or special classes.  Even if you are not in the area here locally, you will receive occasional pre-recorded exercises and workouts to do on your own in, in your own time. Movement is Medicine, so let’s encourage one another to get the medicine we need!


Movement can change your life.  Recent studies have shown that if you want to change your life, the place to start isn’t in your mind, it is in your body.  Real transformation can start with your body: with movement, breathing, and shifting your physical habits.

Your health team matters.  Join me to make your health your priority.

Your health team matters.  Join me to make your health your priority.

Schedule a 15-minute coaching consult to learn more about health coaching and if it is the right fit for you: